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On the road of Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments

Task 2. New Interactive Environments


As I am second year IMKE student, I have most compulsory courses done. So I had to choose the topics that are missing from my program at the moment. For that I started from the list provided by our institute. As composing the schedule I had to count with following things:

  • my working time
  • time for my other commitments
  • time for taking part in some biking contests.

For gathering information about the courses I used following environments:

  • homepage of IMKE
  • ASIO
  • ÕIS
  • Weblogs of courses
  • Wikiuniversity
  • Weblogs of other IMKE students
  • Skype chat with IMKE collegues.

And to visualize the process I used Graffle to make a small map of my planning.


3 thoughts on “Task 2. New Interactive Environments

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